Whether you own your house or rent, these temporary backsplash tiles will turn your kitchen or bathroom into something you love to look at!

Reading blogs is something I do every day. I always learn something new, stumble across something I would like to have, or find new, fun ways to update my house without spending a million dolla dolla bills. It never fails! Just one of the many reasons why I LOVE blogs so much!

Certain areas of the home are easier to change around than others. For example, bedrooms? Easy. Kitchens? Hard. Most of the things I have in my kitchen are appliances or things that I would need a sledgehammer to remove, i.e. backsplash tiles! It is also rather difficult to change up something that isn’t mine; so, as a renter, I gravitate toward things I can easily remove/repair as soon as my lease has ended. Recently, as I read a post called Wallpaper Backsplashes from KitchenWall on the blog Door Sixteen, I realized that where there is a wall, there is a way!

Call me crazy for not knowing this, but I always thought that tile designs for backsplashes were 1000% of the time made just from tile or some other permanent option. Now I feel silly because apparently there is some crazy kind of backsplash situation that is made from PVC, is applied like newer wallpapers, is removable, and is heat and water resistant...Need I say more? I will. It is reusable (the environment is happy) and installation is a breezy-breeze (you are happy). Looks a lot like a win-win to me! Of course, I wouldn’t show you anything I didn’t think was worth your time, and these backsplash designs have my attention!

Blue and Wood Backsplash Tiles Kitchen Soap Planked Wood Dishes Plates Glasses Cups Cutting Board Hardwood Floors

Via KitchenWalls

If a temporary kitchen backsplash could make a sound, it would be a crowd full of renters cheering because they can finally add their own personal flair to their borrowed homes. These would also be perfect in a bathroom or even laundry room!! The style below is one that I would definitely love to use.

White Backsplash Tiles Kitchen Bathroom Floor Laundry Room Washing Machine Clean Crisp Black Chair

Via KitchenWalls

White is such a clean, crisp color to consider using in any interior because it can easily be dressed up or down. It fits into a wide array of styles and as time marches on taste in decor can easily shift as well. This is great to have around for times such as those! A quick change of existing decor can seriously change a room around. Just like these wallpapered backsplash pattern ideas! Anna, the author of Door Sixteen, said it can easily be installed over existing tile, which is a big bonus in my book! That already gives you two options to utilize for a new b-splash if you get sick of one or the other.

These are just a few of the many great backsplash ideas worth giving a go! When you think about how many patterns there are, the easy installation (and removal), and the simple-to-clean aspect, there really isn’t anywhere to go, but to the bank. Considering the cost to tile backsplash, this wallpapered version is looking pretty good. 

Make sure to swing by and check out Anna's original post to see more patterns from KitchenWalls, and to check out her amazing blog! Have any of y’all ever tried this renter-friendly option? I want to know all about it. I’m seriously considering it for the house I’m living in right now! I would probably go with the all-white errythang version. Drop me a line below. I look forward to hearing from you!

**Thanks so much to Anna at Door Sixteen for inspiring this post! Featured image via KitchenWalls