Revamp your empty walls with stunning wallpaper murals to fit your unique home decor style! 

Do you have an enormous wall in your home with absolutely no idea what to do with it? Well guys, I have just the solution for you. Wallpaper murals are an astonishingly beautiful way to decorate your home and can be surprisingly customizable! From cityscapes to floral close-ups and even famous art pieces, these murals have every room of your house covered from ceiling to floor.

Bedroom Wall Murals

Wallpaper Murals Home Decor Interiors Neutral Bedroom with Hardwood Floors


This landscape mural adds the just right amount of elegance to this chic bedroom decor. I love the seascape graphic chosen for this mural and how it creates a serene, natural atmosphere for this room. A mural like this one would be absolutely perfect for a modern colonial home or an Italian themed villa! Can you spot the flamingo hiding in this wall mural?

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Wallpaper Murals Home Decor Interiors Bedroom Murals Gold Pendant Light


Can you imagine waking up to a more relaxing wall mural? This foggy forest really opens up this space and accentuates those super tall ceilings. A mural like this would be perfect for somebody who would like to incorporate a little taste of the outdoors into their indoor decor. Which kinds of images can you picture yourself waking up to in the mornings?

Wall Murals for Bathrooms

Wallpaper Murals Palm Print Wallpapers Bathroom Decor Oversized Mirror

Via MyDomaine

I have always dreamed of living in the Amazon rainforest. Until then, I suppose I’ll have to settle for some spectacular rainforest-inspired wall murals! The palm motifs of this jungle mural pay homage to the tropical rainforest with their wonderful green foliage. The wicker hamper basket and brass fixtures strewn about this bathroom bring out the golden hints of color in the illustration as well. The bathroom above graces a vintage 1937 Beverly Hills home that totes original wooden flooring and stained glass windows as well.

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Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Modern Bathroom Design Stone Tub and Sink

Via My Fancy House

There’s just something about agates and crystals that I find so mesmerizing. I have a small crystal and fossil collection at home, and I remember when I collected my first agate from the Natural Bridges Cavern gift shop in Texas. It was a deep blue color, similar to the agate featured in the bathroom above, but with green seafoam tones that reminded me of ocean waves crashing on the beach. Can you picture a more visually satisfying image to feature on your bathroom walls?

Kitchen Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors White Kitchen with Crystal Chandelier

Via Driven by Decor

Do you find yourself getting lost easily? I have the perfect solution for you! Just slap a map of the city onto your kitchen walls! Not only will you never be lost again, but now you have an amazing focal point for your breakfast nook! I suppose there may be easier ways to navigate out there...but why not do it in style? This particular map wall mural features an extremely detailed map of the city of London, and I'm sure there are cities from all around the world available as well.

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Contemporary Kitchen with Pendant Lights

Via Murals Your Way

Back in the day, the ancient Egyptians would paint their tomb ceilings with images of the night sky as a way to pay homage to their gods. We may not be living in ancient times, but that doesn't mean you can’t pay homage to the beautiful sky with custom wall murals! I think galactic and constellation murals are the PERFECT option for ceilings. This also introduces the idea of placing wallpaper murals not only on your walls, but on your ceilings and even floors (yes, it has been done!). 

Living Room Wall Murals

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Living Room with Chandelier and Floor to Ceiling Windows

Via Design You Trust

Living room murals are a great way to open up your space, and cityscape wallpaper murals are a fabulous way to bring the city life indoors without all the hustle and bustle of the boisterous streets. These detailed city murals are also great for creating the illusion of depth in your rooms. A mural like this would be the perfect addition to a downtown apartment or loft!

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Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Living Room Pop Art Gray Couch and Area Rug


This dramatically colorful wallpaper mural decal was made in the style of iconic comic book pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. A mural like this one demands your attention and would be perfect for the ultra-artsy apartment or home owner!

Office Wall Murals

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Minimalist Office White Desk and Black Chair

Via Rebel Walls

Abstract wallpaper murals like this one are the ideal option for creating a calming environment for your office. The graphic featured in this office mural is non-distracting and features shades of blues which have been known to be the most relaxing color choice for your walls.

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Office Staircase Gray Armchair

Via Murals Wallpaper

When I saw this mural my jaw practically dropped! I picture this wall mural being at the forefront of some spectacular art museum or archival headquarters. The monumental painting being depicted in this mural is French artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Nymphs and Satyr. The original piece that inspired this mural was first exhibited in Paris in 1873 and is currently on display at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Photographic Wall Murals & Other Styles

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Train Wallpaper Black and White Photograph

Via Murals Your Way

Don’t fret, your wallpaper murals don’t have to be limited to just images of famous paintings and cityscapes! You can personalize your very own wall murals by uploading your own personal photos, too! These murals would make your photographic memories larger than life and would be a spectacular focal point for your home.

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Staircase with Chandelier

Via Homesthetics

This staircase is out of this world with its awesomely geometric multicolored pattern! Geometric patterns can complement your already existing geometric elements such as this stairway’s cubist chandelier and funky green stool. Murals like this one remind me of stained glass windows, which would look just as amazing as wallpaper!

Wallpaper Murals Home Wall Decor Interiors Greenhouse Design with Plants

Via Wallsauce

f you want a more subtle wallpaper mural, check out this faux brick pattern. The faux brick pattern blends seamlessly into your home’s walls and introduces another level of texture to your space. Something like this would be perfect for revamping an industrial-themed room or as a rustic backdrop for your indoor botanicals.

Giant murals can be a great addition to your home if your wish is to add a spectacular focal point to your walls. They come in many designs and patterns, and can be custom fitted to your home’s dimensions in no time! Which wallpaper mural was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to share this post with your redecorating friends!

**Featured image via Murals Wallpaper