Turns out lemons are good for more than just making lemonade! These tips for lemon uses must be tried! 

I’m not sure about all of you, but I have always been more of a salty person than a sweet one. Olives, pickles, pretzels are all things that beckon and call my name every day. I always cook with lemons and so I always have them on hand. Lemon gives veggies and chicken the taste they need! How my sodium levels aren’t through the roof is a mystery to me! Thank God that’s not the case. Anyway, because I always have them in the house and am all about lemons, I decided to look up other ways to put them to work in the home. And, of course, I decided to share these fun and original lemon uses with y'all too!

Cooking and cleaning always seem to go together so well. You cook, and then you clean. You cook, and then you clean, again. It’s the most predictable of relationships. Naturally, since you can cook with this particular fruit, you won’t be surprised to hear about the cleaning side of lemons!

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Is your silverware looking a little dull lately? I have a solution. It goes by the name of lemon juice! As do all of these tips and tricks I’m going to share with you today. Fill a cup with the rustiest of silverware, squeeze or pour lemon juice in, and wait. Don’t forget that patience is a virtue! About 15-20 minutes later, remove the forks, knives, and spoons and head toward the final step: rub them dry with a cloth and watch ‘em shine! Cleaning with lemon juice is cheap and handy, you’ll love it!

Lemon Uses Rust Remover Silverware Polish Shiny ReaLemon Lemon Juice Brand New Forks and Knives

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I don’t know about you, but I love keeping things sparkly and fresh. That being said, I have a huge watermark problem with the hardware in my bathroom and shower. Some of y’all may have heard about this one and let me tell you, it works! Get rid of those ugly watermarks by rubbing half of a lemon on the faucet or handle and you’ll be good to go! If there are some hard to scrub spots, add a bit of baking soda and watch it fizz! The chemical reaction between baking soda and lemon juice will help clean even the most stubborn watermarks and soap scum!

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Back to the cooking and cleaning dance. Sometimes you find yourself with a ton of lemons. More than you have the brain capacity to find storage for. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but it happens! My cousins have a lot of fruit trees in their backyard, this yellow tart included, and one year we were sent home with a truckload of lemons. Boxes and boxes. It was ridiculous. I should have been entrepreneurial about it and started a lemonade stand or something.

Oh well, let me get back to what I was saying...lemon juice benefits. Lemon juice can be used for SO many things. So much so that it’s a lot easier to put it in an ice tray and freeze it. This is the best idea! Preserve the liquid and use it later for recipes or freshening up your home!

Lemon Uses Ice Cubes Frozen Lemon Juice Lemonade Slushy Cooking Cleaning DIY Natural Solutions

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This is just downright smart. If you have lemons you know you won’t use before they go bad, this is the route to take! It’ll save you a couple dollars in the future. It may not seem like much, but it adds up! Use these cubes for recipes, salad dressing, water and lemon to drink, or throw them down the disposal to freshen your sink up in a flash. A widely known scent freshening tip is to throw a couple lemon slices down the drain and turn your garbage disposal on. Either way works! For cooking purposes, it’s handy to know what a standard ice tray cube measures up to be: one cube is equal to one ounce, two tablespoons, or one-eighth of a cup!

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On another cooking note, and perhaps even a DIY inspirer—let’s get zesty! So many recipes call for lemon zest. It holds so much flavor yet so many people disregard the tangy taste it adds to a dish and overlook it. Get your zester or knife out and use lemons to your advantage. It is also used in homemade soaps and facial scrubs. If you’re crafty and can get down with that, never throw a rind out again! Not to mention that it makes for a fancy cocktail garnish! You can also dry or freeze the rinds to use later. Dried rinds work great in homemade potpourri!

Lemon Uses Lemon Zester Zesty Recipe Lime Peel Lemon Rind Cocktail Garnish Cutting Board

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The last trick I have to share is one I never heard of, but it’s great for these hot and humid summer months! Insect repellent via lemon at your service. Can you imagine how nice this would have been to know when I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos at a cookout a couple of weeks ago? So, so nice. I ended up surviving with only 11 bites. It was a good day. Apparently, if you have a lemon tree the amount of these pests will substantially decrease. 

Lemon Uses Homemade Bug Spray DIY Do It Yourself Citronella Candle Spray Bottle Bag Tag No Bugs

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There are also recipes using lemon juice, vinegar, and witch hazel or vodka to mix and spray around to clear the area of insects. If mosquitoes aren’t quite the problem you’re facing but ants are, pure lemon juice will send them marching in the opposite direction! I think that is super helpful to know for those who have small kids and don’t want any toxic sprays in their house.

After learning all that is the goodness of lemons and all they have to offer, I’m going to continue to always be stocked with them. I love a thing that’s great for both cooking and cleaning purposes. It looks like I’m going to be taking over life’s job and be the one giving me lemons! 

Have you ever tried out any of these household uses for lemons? I’m particularly fond of the freezing of the lemon juice idea. I think I would throw one in a glass of water. It’ll keep it cold and give it flavor. Let me know what you think! I love hearing what you have to say. Share and comment below!

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