Lately, winter weddings are giving summer weddings a run for their money! This wedding inspo will make you want to say “I do” during the winter season.

Exciting news friends, I’m engaged! I couldn’t be happier! My fiancé is a lifelong friend of mine. The transition of him being just my friend to my best friend, confidant, and one day life partner has been such a wonderful adventure! So, weddings have been on my mind a lot lately. And why shouldn’t they be? I’m getting married to my best friend! Seeing that it’s winter and my mind is being bombarded with wedding ideas, I figured why not write a post on winter weddings! There are so many wonderful ways to have a wedding in the winter. Plus, think of the gorgeous photo opportunities for you and your loved ones in the snow, celebrating the best day of your life. Snow + beautiful couple in love = gorgeous photos! Let’s check out some other wonderful ideas for winter weddings!

Winter Weddings Wedding Snow Confetti Bride and Groom Walk Down the Aisle Say I Do

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You know what makes a winter wedding so special? The fact that only in winter can you throw SNOWFLAKE confetti at your wedding. You read that right!! Snowflake confetti. Since I live in a particular area of Texas that only sees 3 centimeters of snow every blue moon, snow makes me super giddy. In fact, the last time I went sledding in real snow, I was only a year old! So, for any of you having a wedding in winter, take this idea into consideration. Imagine how fun it would be to walk through a soft flurry of manmade snowflakes during your winter wedding. I’m picturing snowflakes made from white and silver paper so they shimmer and glisten. Maybe even glittery paper! Wouldn’t that be beautiful in pictures? Sounds pretty magical to me!

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This idea is perfect for those who want the whole winter wedding package, but the weather doesn’t give them snow. It would also be a great way to see the bride and groom off at the end of the night! So many wonderful options with this one!

Winter Weddings Fur Wrap Floral Bouquet Winter Landscape Snowy Background Bride


There’s something so luxurious about wearing a fur wrap with your wedding gown. It just makes me thing of winter getaways, and those old movies where the women were wrapped in fuzzy furs. What a sight that would be when walking down the aisle! For all of you readers out there who are totally against wearing animal skins and furs, no worries! There are faux fur options available, so don’t fret if you want this cozy winter look, but don’t want to compromise your beliefs. I love ideas that have options for everyone, so no one gets left out! Imagine taking your wedding photos in this gorgeous and weather appropriate wrap? How gorgeous those photos would be! Plus, I love how the wrap is more cream colored than white. It really lets the dress shine bright and white!

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Winter Weddings S’more Bar Chocolate Marshmallow Graham Crackers Appetizers Wedding Guests Buffet


YUM! I adore this idea. Even if I don’t have a December or January wedding, I’d love to have a s’more bar of some sort. I mean, what’s not to love about s’mores? Definitely the perfect way to warm everyone up at the reception! Plus, you get to eat s’mores. At a wedding. How cool is that? I’ve known a lot of couples and people who have done s’more bars for weddings, fundraisers, and birthday parties, and let me tell ya… The s’more bar is always a hit! There’s just something about s’mores that helps bring everyone together, and makes everyone happy! So it’s a perfect way to end your winter wedding. This idea is definitely doable for even the novice DIY-er, so it’s even great for those who are on a budget.

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Winter Weddings Cocoa Bar Hot Cocoa Cinnamon Marshmallow Chalkboard Menu Table Lamp Fresh Flowers

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I love the idea of having a hot drink bar at a wedding! If your wedding is in the snow, you gotta have some nice hot drinks for your guests (and you!). I think everything from hot cocoa for the kids to warm German sweet Christmas wines for the adults should be at a hot drink bar! Think of the possibilities of spiked hot cocoas, hot toddys, and other warm yummy beverages for the masses! If you, due to budget considerations or by personal choice, have a “dry wedding” (non-alcoholic), then just having coffee, tea, and hot cocoa available is a great option as well.

There are also non-alcoholic versions of popular hot drinks you can try too! You can easily carry both for all your non-drinking friends if you decide to mix it up. It’s your winter wedding, so you would totally be able to serve whatever drinks you want. I’m so down for a hot cocoa bar, spiked or not!

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Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Friday, January 27, 2017

Well, that’s all for today! Short and sweet, but filled with tons of fun and great ideas. My fiancé and I don’t know if we will be getting married in the winter or not, but if we do, you bet your bottom dollar that we’re definitely going to use some of these ideas for our own wedding! I’m definitely going to try to pull off that s’mores bar. Hello, that’s even great for a summer wedding!

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below which of these ideas was your favorite. Also, if you know of other fun winter wedding ideas that weren’t mentioned in this post, please feel free to share them. Since I’m planning my own wedding, I’d love to hear all your ideas. Make sure to share this with your loved ones or soon to be married friends! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via The Knot, photo by James Christianson