Want fun holiday decor ideas that will welcome your guests this holiday season? Check out these wonderful winter wreaths. They won’t disappoint! 

Picture this, friends… You’re walking up to a friend or family member’s holiday party. You’ve gotten all dressed up for this festive and memorable night. What’s the first thing to greet you at the door? Festive Christmas decor, from garlands to winter wreaths. How fun, right? Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved Christmas wreaths. I think they are so pretty. In fact, fresh Christmas wreaths are one of my favorite gifts to give my friends and loved ones because they’re so stinkin’ fun to make!

Winter Wreaths Boxwood Wreath Trio Miniature Christmas Tree Front Porch Holiday Decor Candy Canes

Via Remodelando La Casa

Holiday wreaths look fantastic in a lot of different places throughout the home. Of course, you can always place them on your front door like the example above. Even if you’re not a big Christmas decorator, a little wreath is a nice touch that can be done quickly and easily. For those classic Christmas decor die-hard lovers out there, a classic pine or eucalyptus wreath with red ribbon and red berries is a festive touch you can add to your home decor this holiday season.

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Winter Wreaths Holiday Wreaths Christmas Garlands Decorate for the Holidays Happy Holidays


Wreaths also look wonderful on windows. This idea is a beautiful, rustic example of just what you can do with wreaths for your home. What I like about placing wreaths over windows versus doors is that you can place multiple wreaths up depending on how many windows you have. Also, depending on what the back of the wreath looks like and the kind of wreath, you may be able to enjoy the wreath both indoors and outdoors!

Winter Wreaths Holiday Wreath Above the Fireplace Mantel Red Ribbons Candles Cozy Fire Happy Holidays


Wreaths over warm, toasty fireplaces are always a fun and classic way to decorate your home for Christmas. I particularly like the red ribbon on this holiday wreath. It gives this room a nice pop of color, right? Depending on your indoor Christmas decor, you can get pretty creative with how you place wreaths over your fireplace. Some options that you might try are multiple small wreaths or maybe even a really large ornate wreath.

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Now that we’ve seen a few options as to where you can place wreaths in your home, why don’t we explore some fun and unique wreath ideas, shall we?

Winter Wreaths Bucilla Cookies and Candy Wreath Felt Applique Kit Happy Holidays DIY Craft Wreath

Via 123Stitch

This is such a fun idea for those of you who love heartfelt wreaths (pun intended!!). Seriously though, from the candy to the cute gingerbread man and woman, this wreath is something I imagine in Santa’s workshop. This is definitely a fun idea to DIY if you’re into making your own wreaths. Personally, I’ve never seen anything like this in any store or boutique that I’ve shopped at!

Winter Wreaths Christmas Wreath with Red and Green Ribbons and Holly Berries Happy Holidays

Via Homedit

When I imagine a classic Christmas wreath, I envision something like this one. I absolutely love this wreath and would love to make something like this for my mom. The mix of evergreen and pine spruce (correct me if my plant terminology is incorrect, friends!!) is such a stunning combo. Call me weird for thinking this way, but I like the mixture of textures in this decorative wreath. Also, the red and green ribbon with the red berries adds such a bright pop of color!

Winter Wreaths Red Berries Wreath Monogram H Ribbon Front Door Wreath Happy Holidays

Via Homedit

Last but not least, check out this beautiful, bold, and elegant wreath. The fun thing about this wreath is that if you’re the type of person who is really bad about taking down their Christmas decor (like me!) and it’s still up months past Christmas, this wreath is perfect for you. It can easily stay up well past the holiday season because it doesn’t look too Christmas-y! I really like how the vibrant red of the berries contrasts with this dark door. If you have a dark door like this one, consider making or buying a bright red wreath because the contrast of these two colors is absolutely beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure had a blast writing it! If you liked any of these ideas, please let us know in the comments below. Make sure to share this Christmas post with all your loved ones before the holidays are over. Thanks for reading! I hope to hear you all’s thoughts about this post soon! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured images (clockwise from left to right) via Cococozy and Sarah Richardson Design