With the rise of earthen decor, let’s take a moment to check out some great wooden interior designs to get those creative juices flowing!

Hello, readers! Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite decor trends. You guys know me, I love earthy stuff. Plants, cool wooden decor, stones, you name it, I love it. Today, I want to explore some wooden interior design elements to start thinking about how we can add some nature into our homes. There may be some plants involved, but for my black/purple thumbed peeps out there (hi, Mom), I’m going to keep it to a minimum so we can all just enjoy thinking about great wooden decor and how we can add it to our homes. It’s going to be a fun challenge, and I can’t wait to show you what I have found for you guys!

Wooden Interior Designs Textured Wood Accent Wall with Shelving Dining Table Pendant Light Chalkboard

Wooden accent walls are a great way to bring the beauty of wood and nature into your home. I know, you’re probably thinking “Julie, remember when wood walls were SO IN and then they went completely out of style and houses with wooden walls are almost impossible to sell?!” and yes. You are totally right. But, the cool thing here is that these are just accent walls. And, get this, you can even buy removable ones. Yep! You can have your wood wall decor and remove it too, so your home can always be ready to sell or move onto the next decor trend you fall in love with!

Wooden Interior Designs Wood Accent Wall with Lighting in Bedroom Living Wall Desk Yellow Chair Area Rug

I am in love with this bedroom wall. It’s half wood, half plant. I know, I said I would keep plants to a minimum but LOOK AT THAT THING. It’s so huge and pretty. Talk about taking a vertical garden to a whole new level. I need this in my life. The bedroom would have to have adequate lighting, maybe a skylight or glass curtain walls, to allow for a plant wall to thrive this well. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that there is a light source in this wood accent wall? I mean, that’s just awesome and it would make a pretty good reading light in the middle of the night.

Wooden Interior Designs Wood Home Design in Kyoto Modern Decor House with Wood Interiors

I found this cute little modern house in Kyoto and oh my gosh, this is taking wooden home decor to a fantastic level. I love that there are different types and shades of wood throughout this house. It doesn’t look dated, and it’s really adorable! I really like the doorways in this home, too. The exterior of the house is in the same shape, and I like how it’s unique. Also, of course there are plants in a house like this. The whole thing is wooden and pretty, and frankly I would love a home like this!

Wooden Interior Designs Wood Ceiling Design above White and Wood Staircase

I didn’t think I would like this at first, because wood on the ceiling? That’s gotta close the space in, right? Apparently not if it’s above a set of stairs like this one! I love the way the grain of the wood flows across the ceiling. It looks great paired with the white walls and staircase (though I love that the railing and tops of the stairs are also wood). I don’t think I would like this space as much if the walls weren’t white. I think that’s what helps this space feel open and airy. Though, a pale blue, gray, or any pale shade that’s close to white may give you a similar look.

Wooden Interior Designs Wood Lattice Work Across Windows and Walls Cowhide Area Rug

This is an awesome way to add in wooden decor without going whole hog. I like the lattice work a lot, and really feel like it brings in that earthy element as well. I mean, you usually use lattice work to let vines grow on, so it makes sense that I would get that vibe. Plus, I would totally place a potted vine in front of the window and let it thrive and entangle itself in the lattice. Ah, my passion vine would love a spot like that. But, for the non-plant people, this is still a great option because it’s removable, and you can still keep that natural light flowing.

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Wooden Interior Designs Wood Headboard with Side Tables Industrial Country Rustic

This one really speaks to me because it is a little more subtle, and wooden headboards are just awesome. Plus, it has that rustic mixed with industrial vibe going on that I really like. Those lights are gorgeous, and I love how they balance out the wooden headboard and side tables. Speaking of which, I absolutely love the idea of having attached tables. Hello, it’s the perfect way to add a place to set your glasses, drink, phone, and a book! Plus, then there wouldn’t be any legs to accidentally stub your toes on in the middle of the night.

Wooden Interior Designs Wood Bunk Beds with Ladder in Kids Room

Now this is rustic decor! I couldn’t make it through a wooden decor post without adding bunk beds! When I was little and my sister and I shared a room, we each had a bunk bed with the bottom ‘bunk’ being a sort of hideaway play area. And they were wooden. I loved that bunk bed so much. I think I had it until I was like 9, even when I had my own room. Heck, I want an elevated loft type bed now, but with the little dogs and my huge Tempur-Pedic, it’s probably not viable. But, I can still enjoy the idea, and pass the information on to you guys, or those of you who have children. Plus, what kid doesn’t like bunk beds? You can always have two so they each have a bunk and an area for their dresser or toys! Mine was totally a reading nook, so you could do that too!

That’s all for now! What do you think about the return of wood decor? Since this is more earthen decor and not just wood everywhere like in the past, does it make a difference to you? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this post, and as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Renodots