To wrap or not to wrap? That is the question. Tons of people struggle with wrapping Christmas presents. No worries, here’s a gift wrapping how-to that’s perfect for you!

Alrighty, friends. Thanksgiving is over and you know what’s coming… (drum roll) CHRISTMAS! Yes yes yes!! It’s officially safe to start singing “Christmas Time is Here” because, well, it is! Christmas is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons. One being that Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year, at least in my opinion. I love being able to spend time with family, sing Christmas songs, sit by the fireplace, and just enjoy being with the people I love the most. There’s a reason they say Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year.” Just thinking about celebrating Christmas is making me smile.

But enough about that, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Obviously you came to this post to learn one thing: How to wrap presents! Before we get started on our gift wrapping how-to, we need to gather all of our supplies.

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Gift Wrapping How-To Wrapping Paper Scissors Sharpies Tape String Ribbon Tissue Paper Happy Holidays Merry Christmas

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Here’s what you’ll need in order to wrap your presents like a pro:

  • Gift Wrapping Paper - Any color, style, or design will do! There are some wrapping papers that have adhesive on one side. For now, we’ll avoid that kind because that type of wrapping paper isn’t as user friendly as other wrapping papers are. Also, it’s best that you buy wrapping paper with grid lines on the back side. This’ll help keep your wrapping straight and even. Plus, it’ll make it easier to make your presents look professionally wrapped! 
  • Tape - I’d suggest using a double stick tape as well as a regular one sided scotch tape. If you’re looking to get really creative, consider using washi tape.
  • Scissors - The bigger and sharper the scissors, the better!

Optional Supplies - Just to clarify, you don’t necessarily need to use this stuff, but I’d strongly suggest you do, so that you can make your presents look as wonderful as possible!

  • Straightedge or Ruler - If you struggle with making the lines you cut straight, I’d strongly suggest you use a straightedge or a ruler. Also, if your wrap paper doesn’t have grid lines on the back of it, it will be extremely helpful for you to use a ruler to measure out how much wrapping paper you need to cut.
  • Sharpie or Pen - It’s also beneficial to use a sharpie or pen when measuring out your wrapping paper so that you can mark how much paper you need to cut.
  • ​Ribbons & Decorations - If you’d like to gussy up your present, ribbons and decorations will always help. We won’t go too much into decorations, but they can definitely be a lot of fun!
  • Square Box - It’s not always possible to find a perfect box for your presents, but when it is, it’s the best option to pick for wrapping presents. Nothing looks quite as crisp and professional as a lovely and perfect wrapped box.

Now that you’ve gathered all your supplies, let’s move on to our step-by-step tutorial on how to wrap your presents.

1. Remove all the price tags on your gifts - Leaving price tags on presents is a definite no-no in my book. It’s always good to go ahead and remember to do this step first because sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in wrapping the present that you forget.

2. Include any gift receipts with your present - It’s always a good plan to tape gift receipts to your gift in advance. This is especially important if you're worried about sizing or afraid that the person receiving your gift may not like it.

3. Secure fragile items - If you’re giving a gift that is potentially breakable, be sure to secure the gift now before it’s too late. It would be a nightmare if the person receiving your gift accidentally shook the present in a way that caused it to break.

After you’ve completed these first few steps, it’s time to move on to actually measuring out the wrapping paper. This step is crucial to making your present look as neat as possible!

Gift Wrapping How-To Wrapping Paper Measurement Happy Holidays The Perfect Gift Wrap Secrets to Wrapping a Present

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4. Measure the top, side, and bottom of your present with the wrapping paper grid lines or ruler - In order to make sure you cut an adequate amount of giftwrap for your present, you will need to cut enough wrapping paper to cover the entire box. To figure out how much paper is needed, lightly fold the edges of the wrapping paper over the box to cover one side of the box and add an additional 2-3 inches to that length. Do the same for each side of the box.

5. Mark measurements with a sharpie - After you have figured out how much wrapping paper you’ll need, go ahead and use a ruler or straightedge to mark where to cut your wrapping paper. This process is made much easier if your wrapping paper has grid lines on the back already.

6. Use a straightedge and scissors to cut your wrapping paper - Now that your measurements are clearly marked, cut your wrapping paper. You can do this with the assistance of a straightedge, if you’d like a perfectly straight line, or with just scissors—whichever you prefer.

7. Secure the paper to the box with tape - After you have cut the paper, you need to secure it to the box. This can be done either by taping the base of the box to the center of your cut wrapping paper with double sided tape or by folding one end of the wrapping paper over one side of the box (as shown above) and taping that side to the box. For a more precise gift wrapping process, I’d suggest you tape the box to the center of the cut wrapping paper.

8. Wrap the present by folding the edges of the wrapping paper over the box - This is the easiest part of the whole process. Simply fold one end of the wrapping paper over the box and tape it down. (You may have already done this to one side in the previous step.) Then do that to the other side of the wrapping paper as well.

Gift Wrapping How-To Folding Wrapping Paper Happy Holidays Red Giftwrap Secrets to Wrapping a Present

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9. Fold the right and left edges of the wrapping paper to form flaps - As you push the edge of the paper towards the box, two flaps should naturally form. As they begin to take shape, crease them to give a sharp fold for a crisp look. Tape both the left and right edges that you pushed towards the box. If you’re having difficulty with this step, refer to the image below.

Gift Wrapping How-To Folding Wrapping Happy Holidays How to Wrap a Gift Secrets to Wrapping a Present

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10. Fold the flaps over the box and tape them down - Fold the flaps over the box and then tape them down with double stick tape. Try to do this as tightly as possible, but not too tight; you don’t want to rip the giftwrap. You want to make it tight enough that it gives the present a nice, professional, and crisp look. When doing this step, start with one flap at a time.

Gift Wrapping How-To Folding Wrapping Paper Taping Down Edges Happy Holidays Red Giftwrap Secrets to Wrapping a Present

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11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 on the other side of the present.

Gift Wrapping How-To Present Completely Wrapped with Red Giftwrap Happy Holidays Secrets to Wrapping a Present

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For those of you out there who prefer to watch a video on how to wrap a gift, here’s an excellent one on how to wrap presents like a pro. Some of the techniques are a little different, but the end result is the same.

Via Dawn to Dusk Designs

For those of you who have oddly shaped gifts that you need to wrap, here’s a great resource you can use. Personally, whenever I have an oddly shaped gift, I generally put it into a gift bag. When in doubt, friends, just use a large gift bag! If you’re not into gift bags, then try to find a larger box to put it into. Then wrap the larger box like you would normally wrap your other presents!

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Ok, after you’ve completed steps 1-11, you have officially wrapped your present! Great job! From here, you can either leave your present as is or proceed to step 12.

12. Personalize your present (optional) - Use ribbons, bows, and/or decorations to personalize your gifts. This can be done in a variety of ways. It’s all up to you! For further present design inspiration, continue reading as I’ve got some ideas for you below!

Here’s an awesome and seasonally appropriate idea. In order to replicate this gorgeous gift wrapping, you’ll need the following supplies (in addition to your wrapped present):

  • Large sheet of scrapbook paper of your preference
  • ​Red satin ribbon
  • ​Twine or elastic string
  • ​Gift tags
  • ​Stickers
  • Washi tape
  • ​Small faux Christmas tree
Gift Wrapping How-To Decorated Present Personalize Your Gift Wrap Red Ribbon Christmas Tree Brown Kraft Paper Gift Tag

Via Pebbles Blog

This idea can be a lot of fun to recreate with just a little creativity. The colors and patterns you choose can be completely personalized to fit your tastes!

Here’s an idea that’s even simpler than the previous one, but just as festive! In order to recreate this gift wrapping, you’ll need the following supplies (in addition to your wrapped present):

  • Ribbon
  • ​Twine
  • Gift tags
  • Stamps
  • Metallic sharpies or calligraphy markers
Gift Wrapping How-To Decorated Presents Ribbons Gift Tags Twine Brown Paper Packages Red Giftwrap Christmas Stocking

Via House to Home

This personalized gift wrapping simply involves tying ribbon or twine to your wrapped presents along with a decorated gift tag. Feel free to get creative with this idea and personalize it to your heart’s content!

Last but not least, check out this idea here. If bows, ribbon, twine, and gift tags just aren’t your thing, consider stamping your gift wrap, if it doesn’t already have a pattern on it. For this gift personalization idea you simply need ink pads and various stamps (in addition to your wrapped present). Get creative with it!

Gift Wrapping How-To Stamped Gift Wrap Black Wrapping Paper with Stamps and Holly Happy Holidays

Via Sew Mama Sew

That brings an end to our step-by-step gift wrapping tutorial. I hope you found it informative and helpful. As the designated gift wrapper in my family and amongst my friends, these are the tools, steps, and tips that I use whenever I wrap presents.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’re having difficulty with any of the gift wrapping steps and would like further explanation. If you used this tutorial and were able to successfully wrap a present, let me know that too! Be sure to share this post with your family, friends, and loved ones who might need a little help, or even just inspiration, in the gift wrapping department. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via R&J Tours