Modernize your entryway with these wreath decor ideas to match your home’s unique style! 

Looking for an excuse to modernize your front door for the season or just because? These contemporary door wreaths are the perfect addition to any forward-thinking home or en vogue entryway! Some are seasonal wreaths, while others can be rocked year-round.

Spectacularly Modern Spring & Summer Wreaths

Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Red White Blue Holiday 4th July Ombre Modern Wreaths

Via Tell Love and Party

The Fourth of July may have already come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for next year! Most of you are probably aware of the ever popular ombre trend that has taken over nearly everything from home decor to hair, and I must say I fell head over heels in love with this seasonal wreath DIY because of its spectacular ombre effect! The blue blends so cleanly into the red making this an ombre 4th of July wreath that’s hard to beat!

Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Geometric Gold Felt Paper Flowers Floral Modern Wreaths

Via Camille I Am

Nothing says modern like the metallic geometric design trend. This geometric baby is paired with handmade felt flowers to add a soft floral touch. I love how the gorgeous gold metal blends so well with the organic flowers to create a sense of complete balance between the organic and industrial.

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Circular Gold Halo Flowers Floral DIY Modern Wreaths

Via Brit+Co

If simplicity is more of your thing, you’ll fawn over this pristine simple gold band floral wreath! This golden halo was adorned with flowers, an accessory that can easily be swapped for tinsel or any other holiday essentials to match your home’s seasonal decor. I think this gold haloed wreath of flowers is one of my favorites for sure!

Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Embroidery Ssewing Hhello Fflowers Ffloral Modern Wreaths

Via Velvet Pony Design

Maybe a traditional botanical wreath isn’t your thing, and that’s okay! One of the many alternatives to traditional wreaths is customizing your very own embroidery circle to hang above your front stoop. You can personalize this bad boy any way you want, from your family name or initials, to a funny greeting. Who knows, maybe you just discovered your next hobby, too?

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Modern Rustic & Natural Wreath Ideas

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Dreamcatcher Yarn Feathers Modern Wreaths

Via Homemade Ginger

Dreamcatcher inspired wreaths can be a fun weekend DIY project that’s surprisingly easy to pull off! Customize this doorway adornment with varying colors of yarn and accessories including feathers, greenery, tinsel, and holly - whatever your heart desires!

Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Olive Branch Ribbon Asymmetrical Modern Wreaths

Via Apartment34

Asymmetrical wreaths are certainly making a splash in the world of doorway decor - and I can definitely see why! The asymmetry of this wreath looks so prim and polished. The matching green ribbon literally ties it all together for an understated look that truly speaks volumes. I must say it’s tough to find a classier doorway addition than this au courant olive branch holiday wreath.

Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Yarn Rose Yellow Triangular Asymmetrical Modern Wreaths

Via designlovefest

If you want something modern, consider wreaths that aren’t the embodiment of the traditional circular shape. Furthermore, nontraditional wreaths such as this cotton twine DIY wreath are the perfect opportunity to incorporate cotton twine into your doorway designs. Twine has become a very popular trend in recent months - from hanging wall art to wall dividers - and it looks like the trend is here to stay!

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Wreath Decor Doorway Laurel Garland Agate Crystal Blue Mineral Twig Twine Modern Wreaths

Via Dans Le Lakehouse

Perhaps you're leaning towards a more contemporary rustic look? Incorporating natural stones such as crystals and agates is a stunning way to introduce elements of nature into your home’s decor. Rock on with this dazzling natural agate front door DIY addition that truly stands out from the rest of these wreaths in its own unique way!

Modern Christmas & Winter Wreath Ideas

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Straws Christmas White Red Striped DIY Modern Wreaths

Via Woman's Day

This festive straw wreath DIY is a candy cane treat for your seasonal doorway decor! The starburst shape of this Christmas wreath is reminiscent of mid-century modern motifs. Furthermore, it can just as easily be spray painted a metallic shade such as gold or even a flat turquoise color to transform it into a timeless keepsake that will brighten your doorstep year-round.

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Minimalist Triangular Small DIY Modern Wreaths

Via Almost Makes Perfect

No muss, no fuss when it comes to this minimalist wreath! If a minimalist look is what you’re after, the unexpected yet super simple shape of this simple triangular wreath DIY is what you’ve been after all along. A minimal addition like this one is an understated holiday decoration that looks sleek, elegant, and definitely won’t overpower your existing doorway decor. To mix up this look, the same idea can also be applied to strands of berries and branches.

Modernize your doorway with modern #wreaths that match your unique #homedecor and style!

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Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Tinsel Holiday Christmas Merry Modern Wreaths

Via Brit+Co

Here’s one modern wreath that pays homage to the classic seasonal tinsel wreath decorations of generations past. The bunched up golden tinsel and retrograde font of the label bring this one-of-a-kind mini tinsel wreath together to create the seasonal staple your mid-century modern home has been yearning for!

More Holiday Wreath Ideas

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Tinsel Holiday Christmas Flowers Floral Modern Wreaths

Via A Beautiful Mess

Though this ribbon wreath was originally intended for wintertime decor, I believe it is an embellishment that can easily stand on its own. The delicate drapery of the solitaire golden ribbon is what ties this asymmetrical masterpiece together and brings it straight into the contemporary category.

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Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Gothic Black Holiday Halloween Modern Wreaths

Via BuzzFeed

This gorgeously Goth wreath was originally intended to be a Halloween decoration, but I can’t help but promote it as a potential year-round attraction! This wreath would be a fabulous addition to the increasingly popular gray and cool-toned outdoor paint color palettes. This wreath may not be characteristically whimsical, in fact I would say it's borderline maleficent, but that’s what makes it so fabulous after all.

Wreath Decor Contemporary Doorway Laurel Garland Disco Sequin Silver Black Modern Wreaths DIY

Via Blackbird

Ring in the New Year with decked out silver-sequined DIY door decor! This disco decoration is a lustrous focal point that demands attention while remaining true to its modern intent. Furthermore, this is a sequined wreath DIY project you can pull off all on your own!

That about wraps it up for this eclectic collection of modern doorway wreaths! Which style of wreath was your favorite? Do you have any similar DIYs you would like to add to the list? Let me know your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this post with your modern decor-loving friends!

**Featured image via Camille Styles