After a long day of marathoning movies, you have to have something sweet to snack on! These super nerdy yet yummy desserts are perfect! 

Hello! Welcome back to my Movie Marathon series! This is the fourth and final installment. I’m sad to finish writing this one up because it has made my nerd self so happy. But, I am glad to be bestowing such wonderful nerd knowledge unto the world. So, we’re talking movie marathons. After long hours of watching films all day, and sometimes all night, you need food and drinks. What else do you need? Yummy desserts! So, today I’m going to go over some easy dessert recipes that are appropriately nerdy for your movie marathon of choice. Are you ready to finish up this series? Well, without further ado, let’s check out these awesomely nerdy dessert recipes!

Harry Potter

Via Food in Literature

Chocolate Frogs: I don’t think it’s possible to have a Harry Potter marathon without Chocolate Frogs! They are kind of one of the coolest treats to be mentioned in the series, and the way they showed them in the movie? A+ job. Making your own Chocolate Frogs can be as easy as following this recipe, and you can alter it in many ways to make them exactly how you want. Experiment with making different flavors, like maybe chocolate orange or mint! Don’t forget about them coming to life and hopping out the door before you get a chance to eat them. Remember: they only have one good hop in them, so be quick!

Yummy Desserts Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties Hand Pies Movie Marathon Night at the Movies

Via Chew Out Loud

Pumpkin Pasties: This was one dessert from the Harry Potter universe that I always wanted to try. I think it’s the name. Pumpkin Pasties. I honestly wasn’t sure what they were the first time I read the book. I figured they were some sort of pumpkin pastry. Well, I wasn’t wrong. These Pumpkin Pasties here look absolutely yummy, and are easy to make desserts. Plus, they’re great for movie watching because they can be grabbed with one hand, and you don’t need plates or forks or anything! Well, except probably napkins. I would definitely keep those around!

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The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Yummy Desserts Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Apple Blackberry Tart Movie Marathon

Via A Farmgirl's Dabbles

Apple Blackberry Tart: Finding Lord of the Rings inspired desserts to make was tricky. This one definitely caught my eye. While thinking about what types of desserts they ate in the books and movies, I was reminded that hobbits eat a lot of tarts. Two that are mentioned in the books are apple and blackberry. The person who wrote this recipe was definitely thinking the same way I would have, and combined the two tarts into one amazing Apple Blackberry Tart!

You can make these tarts in small portions, so everyone at your movie marathon gets their own tiny tart. How awesome is that? This recipe is pretty easy to manage, and tarts are fun to make. You can always use different fruit in this yummy dessert as well, if you don’t like apple or blackberry. Some fun combinations might be a mixed berry, a cherry lime, or even a mango. Have fun and create yummy delicious desserts a hobbit would love!

Yummy Desserts Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Beorn’s Honey Cake Movie Marathon

Via The Geeky Chef

Beorn's Honey Cake: Since I had one that was more Lord of the Rings based, I had to have dessert ideas that were geared more towards The Hobbit. Beorn, if you remember, was the skin-changer from The Hobbit book. He could change his appearance to be that of a great black bear, and honestly I thought he was pretty cool. He served this honey cake to the dwarfs and Bilbo when they arrived at his cabin, and boy does it look delicious! It doesn’t appear to be too sweet, but it’s gotta be yummy! I myself don’t like nuts, so I wouldn’t top the cake with the walnuts like the recipe shows. However, you can keep them in or take them out if you so wish!

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Star Wars

Yummy Desserts Star Wars Death Star Oreo Truffles Movie Marathon Night at the Movies

Via Tastefully Frugal

Death Star Oreo Truffles: I will admit, the look of these is not something I actually like. The idea, however, I am totally for! I love Oreo truffles, and they are easy desserts to make. You can actually make them with any type of cookie that is like an Oreo, so you could make them even if you aren’t a fan of Oreos. That idea makes me sad though, because Oreos are amazing, but my boyfriend doesn’t like them and it kills me. Well, not really, because that means more Oreos for me!

Anyways, if I was to make these truffles, I would actually skewer them and create something closer to a cake pop, since they would dip better. And, look way cooler because they would look like they are floating in space. But, this recipe is a good place to start. And hey, truffles are kind of...out of this world, eh?

Yummy Desserts Star Wars BB8 Cupcakes Movie Marathon Night at the Movies

Via Desert Chica

BB8 Cupcakes: I am completely obsessed with how adorable BB8 is. R2D2 was probably my favorite character from the original series (and the prequels too) so I’m not at all surprised that I fell in love with this adorable orange and white droid. These BB8 inspired cupcakes would be perfect for your Star Wars movie marathon! I love that they wouldn’t take very long to make either, and you don’t need too many fancy ingredients. They’re just awesome orange and white cupcakes, with a dazzling of sprinkles. Hello, talk about easy yet totally nerdy and fun desserts! You can find the recipe here, but really, any cupcake recipe will do!

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Yummy Desserts Marvel Captain America Shield Cookies Movie Marathon Night at the Movies

Via Kleinworth & Co

Captain America Shield Cookies: I love the simplicity behind these shield cookies. You can totally alter this recipe to make them look however you want, if you want them more like the comic shield, or the movie shield, whichever you prefer. I just think they are wonderful and easy desserts to make! I know Marvel is about more than the Avengers, but since most of the movies out right now revolve around the key members of the Avengers, such as Cap, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man, and Thor (we can all hope and pray for them to eventually make standalone Hawkeye and Black Widow movies as well) I kinda felt the need to stick with those for my easy dessert ideas here.

Now, back to the cookies. You could even totally make these cookies in different flavors. I love experimenting with dessert dishes. I would try to make the red portion of the cookies to be chocolate, strawberry, or even raspberry flavored. How cool would that be?

Yummy Desserts Marvel Thor Hammer Cupcakes Movie Marathon Night at the Movies

Via Horrible Housewife

Thor Hammer Cupcakes: Okay, these are just too cute and too precious not to add. And not to mention simple! Who would have thought that coloring marshmallows and skewering them with small pretzels would make a decent Mjolnir? But they do! The recipe to make these awesome cupcakes can be found here. But seriously, these are awesome, and would be one of the best dessert recipes ever for your Marvel Marathon. Thor would probably do like he normally does, and throw the cupcake wrapper down and shout “Another!” Please don’t do that to your friends, unless you throw the wrapper in the trash. Be nice to your friends.

Well, there you have it! The final installment of my Movie Marathon series! I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed looking up all these yummy, nerdy foods, drinks, desserts, and decor! What dessert was your favorite from this post? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your family and friends! I gotta think of something else to write about now, so, until next time, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Tech Crunch